Ensuring the Good Health of Our Brains

On March 18 the Wellness & Nutrition Book Club met to discuss the book Grain Brain by neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter. One of the interesting aspects of this book is its focus on keeping our brains healthy. It is easier for us to know if our physical bodies are struggling as we can feel many dis-eases, but what about our brains? Our brains are more silent and not an area we commonly think very much about. Yet, we will all agree that healthy brains are absolutely critical to our quality of life!
Interesting takeaways from the discussion included:
  1. The healthy and necessary role of cholesterol in our brains! Dr. Perlmutter discusses the correlation between the increase of cholesterol-lowing prescriptions and the increase in brain disorders. He provides a scientific look at the role of cholesterol in our brain and why lowering our body’s ability to make cholesterol via statins may not be healthy for our brains.
  2. The relationship between increased glucose levels in the blood and Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Perlmutter goes so far as to call Alzheimer’s Diabetes Type 3 and shows a correlation between obesity levels and Alzheimer’s Disease in this country.
  3. Gluten-sensitivity and its relationship with a host of illnesses including autism, ADHD, depression and migraines. Gluten-sensitivity is currently a very popular topic and we had an interesting talk about the difference in modern grain versus traditionally sprouted, fermented grain as well as the potential “junk-food” additives in certain gluten-free substitutes.
  4. Neurogenesis and epigenetics, or our ability to alter the expression of our genes. Which is to say: perhaps we are not born with diseases, we can change our genes! This is a relatively new and exciting area of medical health. 
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