Circumstances Around Nutrition and Physical Fitness Program Myths

Sometimes, we view  nutrition  as an unwelcome must. The average individual views  nutrition  as distinct and separate from the food.  Nutrition  has a ring to it that makes it synonymous to medicines. That is an unfortunate falsehood created by choice. Food and  nutrition  go hand in hand and may not be alienated from each other.

We have to establish the fact that when we eat, we are actually nourishing ourselves. Do you notice how we feel hungry 5 to 7 hours after our last meal? Some people do not last that long without food. They have to take meals or snacks in between. Others can go without food even for as long as 3 days without losing consciousness. That is a proof of individual differences. It manifests in many ways but it just reinforces the fact that each individual is unique.

Our responses with regard to food differ in many ways. There are people who like fatty stuff. Others like food dry and properly cooked. Some prefer steak served medium rare. There are people who, by culture, only eat fish raw. Some cultures traditionally prepare food hot and spicy. All these have nutritive effects that are dissimilar between cultures, individuals or peoples. The uniqueness is influenced by acquired preference, genetic make-up, cultural tradition or just plain caprice or whim.

Man being unique from the next individual also has unique responses to types of food ingested. There are people who easily grow fat even with controlled consumption of carbohydrates and fatty foodstuffs. In contrast, some people do not gain weight despite monstrous volumes of food and drink taken in. But despite the uniqueness, changes to food responses are observed with age. At around age 30, people normally start getting some fat especially around the belly area. But exercise can effectively trim the body down easily at this age. It is definitely more difficult to get rid of unwanted bulges when people reach 50. Clearly, metabolism has slowed down and it becomes harder to stay fit and trim.

From these observations, it is easy to draw a conclusion that there are no standard programs to lose weight as advertised. That is almost certain to be a fallacy. If you want to lose weight, especially if it is something that is already giving you some problems, do not just plunge into packaged “lose-weight-quick” programs offered at premium discounts. You will just be burning your money, not calories.

Unique as we each are, we need unique programs that only knowledgeable professionals can give. Dietetics,  nutrition  and/or physical fitness specialists would ask the right questions and conduct appropriate tests that will enable them to design a unique program that is just right for you.