Best Antioxidant Foods for Healthy Living

Obviously, if you’re concerned about your health, you will want to know which are are best antioxidant-containing foods. Many of the “good-for-you” foods have gotten their reputation, sometimes unknowingly, from being high in antioxidants. Consistently selecting and eating foods high in antioxidants will naturally boost your wellness.

The best antioxidant foods are plant-derived foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and legumes, usually eaten as minimally processed as possible. Eating a majority of raw foods increases the amount of nutrients that go into your body while increasing your wellness.

Different foods are high in different types of antioxidants. So to say that one particular food is high in antioxidants is true, but eating a variety of antioxidant-rich foods will help give you a full spectrum of different, but very important nutrients.

Here are some specific foods known to be high in antioxidants.

Legumes are a good source of antioxidants. Small, red beans rank very high on the ORAC scale. In fact, just about any legume, including peanuts, are rich in antioxidants. The cacao bean, from which we get delectable chocolate, is high in antioxidants. Yes, there is such a thing as antioxidant chocolate!

Berries are not only pretty, but the chemicals that makes them have their vibrant, rich color also makes them high in healing antioxidants. Although blueberries are at the top of beneficial berries, just about any other berry is a good choice as well.

Tree nuts such as hazel nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans and walnuts are very rich in antioxidants.

Although you may use spices for a dash of flavor, dash them a bit heavier next time since many of these, like cinnamon and oregano, are good sources of antioxidants.

Artichokes and even cooked potatoes are high in antioxidants. A type of vegetable rich in nutrients, including antioxidants, but relatively unfamiliar to the Western world is sea vegetables, commonly know as seaweed. All types of seaweed is high in antioxidants.

Other types of antioxidants are found abundantly in tea whether it’s black, green or white. Pure fruit juice (avoid those that are pasteurized for the most nutrients), whether specifically marketed as a high antioxidant drink or simply for a treat are rich in antioxidants.

If you want to get the most antioxidants with all your vitamins and minerals naturally, buy a juicer and make your own nutritious fruit or vegetable drinks. This way you can easily incorporate raw foods easily into your daily diet.